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Nestled in the rolling green landscapes of Denmark, light airy barns with deep straw bedding provide shelter and warmth to our calves in our cooler climate, where they are fed on natural raw feed including grain.

Naturally, our calves are given everything they need to grow and thrive - and our veal is a testament to the best of Danish nature.

From often locally produced feed to attentive creature comfort, our calves get all their behavioural needs met by passionate farmers who respect both animal and nature in their quest to create higher welfare, excellent tasting, better quality veal.

With Danish Veal we think it’s important that you know where your food originates and how it has been cared for. With Danish Veal, you always know where we’re coming from.
Award-winning taste comes naturally to us
Good taste is something we share with the judges at the World Steak Challenge 2023! Danish Veal won three silver medals for their sirloin, fillet and ribeye cuts - a tribute to the expertise of our dedicated farmers. In this hard international competition, Danish Veal’s juicy and delicate appeal won the stamp of quality for world-class steak production.
The care our Danish farmers take of their animals’ welfare delivers a unique quality that you can really taste
Animal Welfare
To become a breeder for our Danish Veal concept, selected farmers must adhere to strict ethical requirements - as well as committing themselves to providing the best health, welfare, and living conditions for their calves. In addition, high levels of craftsmanship, dedication, quality and pride in good handiwork are a prerequisite to acceptance in our carefully curated breeding programme.
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Independent audits

Calves are fed with raw feed

Shorter transport

More space

The calves are checked by a veterinarian

Food safety & traceability among the world’s elite
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All Danish cattle are registered in a database called the Central Husbandry Register. The CHR is the foundation for the cattle traceability system I Denmark. The purpose of the CHR register is rapid infection detection, as well as tracking from farm to fork. Incidents and movement of each individual bovine is also registered. The calves wear an electronic ear tag, indicating the ID and ownership.
A unique taste on your menu
Meat from Danish Veal has a fine structure that gives it a fantastic tenderness. Despite the lean qualities of the meat, it is always incredible juicy. Together with the milder and delicate flavor of the veal, Danish Veal offers plenty of options for exciting and tasty dishes for your dinner table.

Danish Veal is tender, juicy and soft and contributes to a delicate eating experience with a round umami flavor and
notes of sweet smoke.
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We want to be the world's most sustainable meat producer!

Farmers follow the Climate Track
The Climate Track is part of Danish Crown’s sustainability programme for the development towards more sustainable meat production at our farms.
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Sustainable farming
As the first major European meat producer, Danish Crown has had our climate targets approved by the recognized standard Science Based Targets (SBTI), which approves the realism of climate plans and validates that they are in line with the climate targets of the Paris Agreement.
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