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Minimising the impact of the climate challenge is Danish Crown's opportunity to become more relevant to customers and consumers than ever before. We need to deliver on our promise to offer sustainable food.
When we succeed, we can pay our owners a higher price for their raw materials, enabling them to invest more in their farms. In short, we must create a positive, upward spiral.


Weak demand in Asian markets led to oversupply in European markets, and this, combined with inflation-driven changes in consumer behaviour, sparked a dramatic decline in European pig production. Considering these challenges, we focused on ensuring a continued healthy business and competitive returns in the long term. We have taken a significant step forward with a strong action plan to restore our competitiveness.


We see sustainability as an integral part of our daily business and our financial and non-financial statement are merged into one report. A step forward this year a further reduction of our CO2 emissions on Scope 1+2 and thereby we follow the plan stipulated in our Science-based targets.

Financial calendar

23. May 2024Half year report
November 2024Full year report



Danish Crown Foods 100%
ESS-Food 100%
Sokolow 100%
KLS Ugglarps 100%
Friland 100%
DAT-Schaub 100%
Scan-Hide 97%
WestCrown 50%