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Here in the north, we know a thing or two about good beef. Our demanding chefs and culinary experts expect only the best quality and over the years we’ve learned how to keep them happy. NORLAND heifer is hand-picked by our experienced butchers, then expertly prepared to bring you a unique taste of the north.

Tenderness you can trust

and can serve with confidence

Deep powerful taste with fine marbling

and an attractive bright red colour

Only from young heifers of between 18-42 months

old who have had good time to grow

Specially matured

by professionals to ensure tenderness and taste

Hand-picked selection

by our experienced butchers to specific criteria

"For us, the story is important. We don't just serve an entrecote."
Rune Møller Andreasen, chef at The Golden Ox
Norland heifers consists of more than one single breed
To achieve the high quality that we demand for NORLAND heifers, we choose only the best sides produced from a special cross-bred selection of ideal races. These cross breeds are typically between dairy and cattle races.

By cross breeding, we create meat which has a wide variety in terms of fat and form. This gives our experts a wide palette from which to choose exactly the right qualities which adhere to the very specific criteria we have defined for NORLAND heifer.
The selection
In fact, the real skill in the production of NORLAND heifers lies in the selection – and in the hands of our extremely experienced selection team. They are our guarantee for consistency and quality.
Only the best pass the test
Our butchers have years of hands-on experience behind them and have trained their ability to recognise the quality of a side simply by looking at its colour and fat content. It’s this expert eye that guarantees the high quality of NORLAND heifers. Only the best make the final cut.
The way in which our experts mature our meat intensifies the flavour and the tender structure, allowing the meat to realize its maximum potential for a unique taste. When you see NORLAND heifers on the label, you know you’re in for something special.
A taste of the north.
“The most important thing for me is to deliver a good product that gives guests an experience. We like to be creative – it’s the way we have fun in the kitchen. It’s not fun to do the same thing every day, that’s why we take the time to test new things, both new dishes and new ingredients. Something might turn up that’s better or more fun – something that everyone else doesn’t have. “
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Nordic cuisine has taken over the world
Here in the north, we take food seriously. Very seriously.
It’s become part of our cultural heritage – and we’re as much known for our cutting-edge kitchen as well as our cozy warm atmosphere and relaxed way of living - “hygge”. Taste, texture and appearance of our beef come together under the skilled hand of our chefs to provide infinite variations on a theme to create innovative unique food experiences on fast changing fantastic-tasting menus. With NORLAND heifers we’d like to give you the opportunity to do the same. Wherever you are.
You can sense the quality
Eating is among the most sensory experiences we can have. All five of our senses are engaged and the combination of how we see, smell, taste, feel and hear our meat is the key to its success. Of course, preparation plays a major role in how we experience our meat, but just as essential is the management of our guests’ expectations of what they are to eat. For NORLAND heifer to express itself to perfection we usually recommend medium to medium-rare cooking – something which guests must be made aware of.
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Norland is delievered in premium packaging
The meat is cut and packed in the cutting halls where the strictest food safety requirements are observed. To protect the high quality and history of NORLAND heifer, it is carefully packed in premium packaging that tells the story all the way to the end consumer.
Norland Heifers deliver a sizzling performance
World Steak Challenge is the world’s first event to give steak producers and suppliers a platform to showcase product quality, breed credentials and processing standards on an international stage.

In 2023, 2022 and 2021, when NORLAND heifers tested their steaks against global competitors, we were delighted to win gold medals for our cross-bred fillet, rib eye and sirloin steaks - a recognised stamp of quality that has become benchmark for global steak production.