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The world needs less but better meat that is as sustainable as possible. We view sustainably produced high-quality meat as an important source of protein and a natural supplement to plant-based foods in a balanced and healthy diet.

The market is constantly evolving, and the growing focus on sustainability is an opportunity to become even more relevant to customers and consumers. Therefore, we invest in developing new products in collaboration with customers and consumers to meet their demands and move towards a future of reduced environmental impact in our foods production.

We value quality over quantity, and our goal is not to produce more pigs, but rather to increase value from the raw materials supplied by our owners. With convenience products and plant-based products becoming increasingly popular, we also invest broadly in innovation and production of such.

Explore a few examples of our products and concepts below. Ranging from plant-based proteins to high-quality meat with animal welfare as a priority.

Better Animal Welfare

Our Danish Veal concept focuses on better animal welfare and high quality and has been awarded two out of three hearts by the Danish state consumer label: Better Animal Welfare. Among other things, this involves calves being reared with more space per individual and short transportation to the abattoir.

Veggie Bacon

100% plant-based resembling the bacon feel. The product is available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and we are planning to expand the product line to cover other European countries.

Veggie Sandwich cuts

Veggie Sandwich cuts from our Danish brand ‘Den Grønne Slagter’ are vegetarian cold cuts made from a base of egg-white powder from free-range eggs and rapeseed oil.

Organic products

Friland offers a strong product range within free-range pork and organic pork and beef with better animal welfare. Friland is one of the world’s largest organic meat companies with worldwide exports, supplying meat to the retail and foodservices sectors as well as the food industry in general.

Plant-based proteins

Sokołów in Poland have extended their range of plant-based products and convenience products within the ‘Z Gruntu Dobre’ product line.

Too Good To Go – smell before you throw out
Do you ever throw out food by default when the date has expired? In collaboration with Too Good To Go, we have introduced their label Look, Smell, Taste on selected products. Encouraging all of us to use our senses before throwing food out the bin. For example, you will find the label on the packaging of two of our Mou soups in the Danish market.
Read more about the collaboration and food waste in general

Veggie products made from peas

KLS Ugglarps in Sweden offers a number of products based on Swedish peas, including nuggets, schnitzel, mince, burgers and rolls.

Plant-based ready-made meals

We have launched our first range of plant-based ready-made meals in Denmark, introduced under our brand ‘Den Grønne Slagter’. All products are made without soy and with either Nordic or organic vegetables as main ingredients.

The Keyhole Nordic Nutrition Label

We offer products with the Keyhole Nordic Nutrition Label to help you make healthier choices. Products with the Keyhole label contain less salt and sugar, less or healthier fat, and more whole grains and fibre.

Reduced packaging

We are continuously improving our packaging and looking for ways to cut back and improve our solutions. That is why we have added waste sorting instructions to all newly designed packaging in the Danish market to help you recycle the packaging from our products correctly. This is just one small step but in the right direction.