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1. Create a profile and send your CV and cover letter

First, you have to go to our job portal, where you will find a list of all our vacancies. Choose the vacancy you want to apply for. To apply you must create a profile in our system and then follow the instructions.

It is only mandatory to upload your CV when you apply for a vacancy. However, we encourage you to upload a motivated cover letter for the specific position as well.

You can Save your documents in the bottom of you profile page before you click on Apply. In this way you have the possibility to check your information and documents before you submit your application. Submit your application by clicking on Apply.

Please be aware that the following recruitment process can vary from country to country. 

2. The selection process

The selection process for jobs in Danish locations starts when your application is handled and assessed by both the hiring manager and a HR Consultant. Both the hiring manager and HR are involved to make sure that your application is assessed by people who know the job description and the department for which you apply.

If the hiring manager and the HR Consultant conclude that your profile and skills match those of the vacancy, you will be called in for a first round of interviews.

3. The first interview

The interview itself will last about an hour. Here you will meet the hiring manager and possible also a colleague from the team. The focus of this conversation is on your professional skills. There will also be time to get to know you and your background. Should you have any questions regarding the vacancy, the department/team etc., you will have a chance to ask them here. 

In all interviews we make an effort to align expectations to make you able to decide whether Danish Crown should be your next employer. In this way both parties can get an idea of whether it is a possible match or not.

4. The second interview 

If both parties are interested in continuing the process after the first interview, you will be called in for a second interview. Here you will meet the hiring manager again together with a HR Consultant. The focus of this interview will typically be on a behavioural profile and cognitive test which you are asked to fill out in advance. Please be aware that this step can vary from country to country. 

The purpose of this interview is to learn more about your profile and skills to clarify the match for the vacancy. The focus will primarily be on your profile.

5. The decision

After the first and second rounds of interviews, the hiring manager will make a decision. In some cases we will ask for a reference from a former employer or colleague. In those cases, we will always ask for the contact information directly from you.

If all parties agree on a match, you will be offered the job, terms will be agreed, and a contract will be made.

If you had a first or a second interview and are not offered the job, you will get a call from the hiring manager with a personal rejection. You are welcome to ask questions about the reason behind the rejection.

If you are not invited for an interview, you will receive a written rejection letter on email. You are welcome to contact the sender if you want to know more about the selection process.

You know your own value, and so do we. That’s why we trust you to pursue your goals and help achieve ours.
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