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Setting high standards for ourselves and our value chain
Our dedication to ethical conduct begins with our employees, who are guided by the principles and values outlined in our Code of Conduct. But it does not stop there. We believe in promoting ethical behaviour throughout our value chain. That's why we've established Codes of Practice for our farmers and a Supplier Code of Conduct for non-meat suppliers.
Commitments, policies and targets guide our actions
We've made numerous voluntary commitments in areas where we can make a positive impact, all while aligning with relevant frameworks and legislation. Our policies, programs, and standards reflect these commitments and cover areas such as anti-corruption, public affairs or animal welfare. Employees are trained in relevant policies and procedures. Our group policies are frequently reviewed to ensure they meet stakeholder expectations and comply with legislation. Our commitments and policies are translated into relevant targets and actions, you find an overview of these in our Annual Report.
Policies and programmes
Implementation and compliance
Sustainability is not just about commitments and policies. Implementation is key and to that end we apply several tools, such as our whistleblower scheme, management systems, certifications, and audits. Our management systems at our production facilities are vital in ensuring compliance, improving operational standards, and enhancing performance. Many of our facilities undergo third-party verification for their management systems. We are also proactive in identifying and mitigating negative impacts associated with our operations including negative impacts on human and labour rights.
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Business ethics
Business ethics is about acting with integrity, and with respect for the integrity of others and in compliance with international standards for responsible business conduct. Corruption is considered one of our key compliance risks. As a multinational company we are committed to combat corruption and bribery. At Danish Crown, we have established a dedicated anti-corruption compliance programme to ensure the implementation of effective measures to mitigate the risks associated with corruption and bribery.
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