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What makes a good CV and cover letter? Below we share 10 do’s and don’ts on how to impress us when we look for new colleagues.

  1. We would like to hear your motivation for applying for a job in our company. Put yourself in our shoes, explore how we want to change the future for food, and let us know how you can help us accomplish that.
  2. Sometimes it is easier to duplicate your standard application, but that clearly shows. We are always very excited when an application is targeted our company and your motivation is clear.
  3. Passion is our protein – show us what you are passionate about and give us examples of your work.
  4. Tell us what you have previously accomplished and how you can use that in your next job with us.
  5. You don’t have to attach a motivated cover letter, but it might help to strengthen your CV and show your motivation.
  6. Speaking of your cover letter – even though you have a lot on your mind, we encourage you to limit your cover letter to one page. It makes it easier for us to read.
  7. Proofreading your CV and cover letter is always a good idea – maybe a friend can help you to spot what you might have missed.
  8. You are welcome to add a picture to your CV to help us put a face on you. It is, however, not a requirement.
  9. We recommend that you always convert your documents to PDF format and never link to external documents in e.g. Dropbox, Google Docs or OneDrive.
  10. Always remove personal identification numbers and other sensitive information from your documents (transcript letter, recommendations etc.) before you attach them.

If you have any questions regarding an available position, you are welcome to contact the hiring manager whose contact information you will find in the bottom of all job ads.

We keep your application on file for up to 6 months regardless if you get the job or not. You always have the possibility to delete your application and profile before the 6 months either by doing it yourself from your profile, or we can help you with it.

If you want to be visible for other job opportunities in Danish Crown, remember to check the box when you set up your profile on our job portal.

Passion is our protein – show us what you are passionate about.