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At Danish Crown, we are constantly improving our performance – from farm to fork – to enable people all over the world to safely enjoy a tasty meal. Our legacy dates back to 1887 and the Danish co-operative movement, so we have inherited our responsibility towards society, our employees and our owners; the farmers.

Danish Crown is Europe’s largest producer and a large exporter of pork and organic meat. We are also among the top five producers of beef in Europe. We operate production facilities in Denmark and in several countries in Europe and China, and we have access to more than 130 markets worldwide.

Being a global meat producing company comes with accountability. Not only must we consistently deliver products, but we must also constantly investigate new opportunities. We still have a long way to go with many challenges ahead. Nevertheless we are firmly committed to finding better ways of producing food – ways that respect animals, people and the environment. In our quest, we are ready to challenge ourselves, the industry and customers.

We promise to take the lead, but we cannot complete this journey alone. Only by joining efforts, can we change the approach to food and how it is produced.

“Sustainability is a major topic in discussions with our customers, opening up opportunities for partnerships and collaborations”, Jais Valeur, Group CEO

Our strategy

Our strategy outlines our path towards contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is rooted in the aspects that are material to us and our stakeholders, and we believe that delivering on our strategy is essential for the future of our business.

Our strategy focuses on assuming responsibility for all stages of the meat production process. We have defined four key focus areas. We translate the strategy into practice by working across the value chain to drive changes and to anchor the principles for responsible business conduct throughout our organisation.

Sustainable farming

We aim to secure a strong future for farmers and promote livestock production within planetary boundaries. Farming also includes high animal welfare standards, attention to biodiversity and protecting livestock from harmful viral diseases like African swine fever (ASF).

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Sustainable food production

We strive to operate an efficient and high-performing food production, setting high standards for ourselves and for our suppliers. Efficient resource utilisation and circular solutions are crucial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide enough food for the world’s growing population.

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Good jobs for everyone

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We aim to attract and retain employees by working to provide good jobs with safe workplaces. We view diversity as a competitive advantage and offer jobs to people with different backgrounds.

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Together with customers and consumers

We strive to earn customers’ and consumers’ confidence and meet their needs for healthy, safe and responsible food. We are therefore developing new food concepts together with customers in retail, foodservices and the food industry.

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“The Science Based Targets initiative approved our target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% in scope 1 and 2 and 20% in scope 3 by 2030. The fight against climate change is a global challenge, and we must deliver on our goals”, Jais Valeur, Group CEO