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A buffet of opportunities at our production sites

To reach our ambitious goal of achieving 0 CO2 emission by 2050, we need all the help we can get. That is why we need skilled colleagues for our production sites who want to leave their mark on our footprint and make a difference. It will be a huge challenge - join our journey and help us get there.

Focus on automation

Automation is a major focus area for us at the moment, and it is an exciting area in continuous development. If you work within this field at Danish Crown, you will be able to continuously develop your knowledge about the necessary new technologies. This is for example done through participation in courses so that we at all times are able to ensure the daily operation at our factories and at the same time can provide qualitative input in the field in connection with new projects. We are in the process of increasing the degree of automation in our factories so that we can produce smarter, cheaper and faster. It's an exciting journey and we hope you would like to join us. 

How do you apply for a job at our sites?

Do you want to learn more about how you apply for a job at our sites and what the recruitment process typically looks like? Then learn more here.



This is where I got my chance
Helle Halkjær explains why Danish Crown is a good place to work for her:

- All the good colleagues who listen, whether you have some tiring things on your mind, or you have a nice day where you can have a lot of fun - while working, of course. It is not at all a workplace where you just do your own thing and go home again. I could not do that at all.

- This was the chance I got to show that I was ok, that I was good enough. I was allowed to show who I was and was accepted.

Helle recently finished her apprenticeship as a butcher in Herning, Denmark, where she is still employed.