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Meet members of our team
“The journey we have set up for the business is fully integrated in the IT strategy” - Elo, CIO

In Danish Crown, Global IT plays a vital role in accomplishing our business goals. Meet Camilla, Elo, and Tommy, three of our doers in Global IT always looking for new ways to optimize our systems and technologies as we strive for a more sustainable future for food.

Did you know, in Global IT we …

Are +300 IT colleagues in 7 different countries

Work with Farmer Apps, Sustainability Data, AI & more

Are on an agile journey exploring new ways of working

A trusted partner

Global IT is acknowledged as a trusted partner in the business responsible for the technology life cycle in Danish Crown. We ensure that hardware, software and solutions are developed, maintained and replaced when necessary.

We protect our company from IT threats while supporting and co-developing our business through the handling of operational data, business intelligence, network administration, software development and installation, and much more.

Our tasks are challenging and wide-ranging. Do you want to impact?

Explore our vacant jobs within Global IT

One Global IT

We are on a transformation journey exploring new and agile ways of working that brings value to our business by strengthening digital competencies, user experiences and compliance across Danish Crown.

You know your own value, and so do we. That’s why it’s important for us to invest in developing your toolbox - professionally and personally. We are a team of experts that create a strong support system for each other which is essential for us to succeed in lifting the responsibilities and challenging tasks we face within Global IT.

Changing the food industry as we know it
Success is a team effort at Danish Crown, especially when working with innovation and new technologies to improve conditions for people in production, plus change food production as we know it.

Melissa, Thomas, and Martin are three of our doers in Global IT’s Production domain working towards a more sustainable future for food.