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We have great ambitions, but our feet are firmly planted on the ground

At Danish Crown, you will become part of a culture that is strongly rooted in our common history. Our work culture is characterized by an informal tone and a high degree of trust. Here you can expect to become part of an organization with clear and defined goals that all employees work together to achieve.

At Danish Crown, we are loyal to each other and we take care of each other. We are proud of our work and the fact that we solve an important societal task by producing food. We are dedicated and competitive. We question things and dare to take chances.

And most importantly, we believe that we achieve the best results by working together.

Danish Crown principles

In Danish Crown, we base our cooperation on 5 Danish Crown Principles. These principles guide us in our everyday behaviors and decision making. The principles call on Danish Crown’s core strengths and remind us to stay focused on the right targets. They help us build a professional culture and reach our short and long-term goals. The 5 principles are:


Dedicated to results

Be an ambassador

Together with Consumers and Customers

We are One Team

Develop and Empower People

Be yourself and belong

The best workplace is inclusive, diverse and egalitarian. We make sure you feel at home at work, and we guarantee that you will be inspired by you colleagues’ passion for
craftsmanship and quality. 

You know your own value, and so do we. That’s why we trust you to pursue your goals and help achieve ours.


Food for thought - Be inspired by your colleagues’ passion

Danish Crown is a limited company but is owned by the cooperative society ‘Leverandørselskabet Danish Crown AmbA’ which has an elected management consisting of cooperative members. The business organization is headed out of the Headquarters in Randers, Denmark, but business units and factories are located in several countries and sites. We stand on the shoulders of over 130 years of history, filled with tradition and innovation, and we have a vision of delivering climate neutral production by 2050. Do you want to join that vision? Learn more below.

At Danish Crown, it’s never business as usual. You’ll be empowered to act with the freedom to rethink how we do things.