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Working at an abattoir and with meat processing involves many challenging tasks. As knives, robots, vehicles and heavy lifting is part of the working day, there is of course a risk of work accidents, and we therefore remain focused on occupational safety – Danish Crown must ensure a safe working environment.

In our endeavours to ensure a safe working place, we consistently set ambitious goals for minimising the number of work accidents.

We take a structured approach to auxiliary equipment, securing machinery and hazardous working procedures and by reminding employees to take care of themselves every day and always remember all their safety equipment before they enter the production area. We also analyse and learn from the reasons underlying accidents to constantly become better at preventing them.

We are in the process of launching a global health and safety system to improve our working environment. This involves formalising our efforts across national borders and ensuring uniform registration of work-related injuries such as accidents, near-misses, occupational diseases, prevention, fire and safety inspections, etc.

The goal is for all our production sites to have an environmental and health and safety management system to predict and prevent health and safety issues.