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Through our Codes of Practice and Supplier Code of Conduct, we set high standards for our suppliers’ business conduct, just as we do for ourselves. Both the Code of Practice and the Supplier Code of Conduct are based on relevant legislation and recognised international standards for the environment, animal welfare, food safety and human and labour rights.

Codes of Practice

Our sourcing principles for farmers supplying livestock are being formalised into Codes of Practice which define minimum requirements for farmers adapted to each country and species. We already have Codes of Practice in place for pigs, sows and cattle in Denmark.

Read our Code of Practice here

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is aimed at non-livestock suppliers and defines requirements for them in terms of the environment, human and labour rights and anti-corruption practices. The aim of the Supplier Code of Conduct is to promote responsible business conduct. When qualifying new suppliers in our strategic sourcing programs, our suppliers are required to accept either our Supplier Code of Conduct or an equivalent code.

Find our Supplier Code of Conduct here

Furthermore, if they supply products that are critical for food safety, they must complete a self-assessment questionnaire every three years. To secure the highest standards within food safety, we also conduct an annual supplier risk assessment on suppliers who potentially could impact food safety. The risk assessment is our leading indicator for selecting suppliers for audit in the following year.

Read more about our food safety practices here

To further increase transparency in our supply chain and improve our sourcing processes, we are working with recognised tools and platform like EcoVadis and Sedex to assess risks and drive continuous improvements.

The aim of the Supplier Code of Conduct is to promote responsible business conduct.