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We know we can’t change the industry alone, so we’re working together with many people, experts, and our own farmers to ensure our solutions and projects have the highest reach and impact.

We contribute with our practical experience and have an open dialogue with our cooperative owners and suppliers of slaughter animals to test new technologies and solutions to ensure that they can be implemented successfully at farm level. Because together we can achieve almost everything and anything.

Below you can read more about the different projects and initiatives, we’re currently involved in or already have enrolled.

Green Fertilizer Denmark

Together with other large Danish cooperatives in the agricultural sector, we have founded the company Green Fertilizer Denmark, which will carry out a feasibility study to clarify whether there is a basis for establishing a Danish production of a fertiliser with less environmental impact.

Methane capture

We are participating in a number of development projects to limit methane emissions from manure storage. In 2022/23, we began working with a partner on a project to conduct large-scale testing of flaring technology where methane gas from slurry tanks is collected and converted into CO2, which has a significantly lower impact on the climate. Three farms have been identified for further testing in 2024.

Carbon sequestration in the field

We participate in a Danish research project which aims to increase carbon storage and reduce nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions by creating multi-year pasture areas instead of annual crop rotations.

Nitrification inhibitors

Together with partners, we have launched a pilot project to investigate the use of nitrification inhibitors in feed grain cultivation. Initial tests have already demonstrated that the inhibitors can reduce CO2e emissions from pigs, and the goal of the project is to provide large-scale documentation of the effect.

Extracting grass protein

We are part of the Dansk Protein Innovation partnership and involved in its Bio Value research project to find a profitable method of extracting protein from grass. Some of our farmer owners have already tested grass protein as an alternative to soy in feed. The project is still in the process of finding ways to scale up production.