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What is a life cycle assessment?

Life cycle assessment, or LCA, is briefly put an assessment of a product’s lifecycle to calculate the carbon footprint that covers each stage of the product’s life.

In 2021 we developed our own model for life cycle assessments, and in the long run, we aim for a level of detail in the model that will enable us to calculate not only the carbon footprint per kg meat, but also the carbon footprint of specific products using data from suppliers, abattoirs, processing plants and logistics.

The core of the LCA model was developed in 2020/21 by external consultants and is under ongoing verification by independent third parties. And we continuously improve the underlying data to ensure that our calculations are up to date and aligned with international standards.

Data and framework for climate calculations

The below figure shows the extent of the data we use for LCA calculations. This includes collecting data at individual farm level to calculate the climate impact of our slaughter animals.

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