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Ten quick tips for a more sustainable everyday life

It’s all about making a difference whenever possible. And small and simple changes in our everyday life will get us a long way – together. We have listed ten quick tips for a more sustainable everyday life.

When everybody chips in, it will have an overall impact

1. Drink tap water

Drink tap water instead of water from a plastic bottle – and buy bottles that can be recycled.

2. Remember a bag for your groceries

Take your groceries home in a sustainable grocery bag to save money and reduce the use of plastic.

3. Sort your waste

You can make a difference by sorting your waste because much of what you discard can actually be reused or recycled.

4. Eat local foods

Eat primarily local and seasonal foods. You get more fresh and healthier raw materials and reduce the carbon footprint.

5. Stop food waste

Use the leftovers in your fridge to reduce food waste. This is good both for the climate and your wallet.

6. Focus on your meat consumption

Eat less, but better, local meat.

7. Plan your laundry and lower the temperature

Make sure the machine is nearly full and wash only at 30 or 60 degrees Celsius. This reduces wear and tear on your clothing and helps protect the environment.

8. Prefer quality over quantity

Buy quality clothing and other items and use them for longer. Donate, exchange or sell items you don’t use so other may benefit from them.

9. Reduce lighting pollution

Remember to switch off the light when you leave an empty room and replace your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. This will help you save money and energy.

10. Good night and sleep well

Switch off all your electronic devices at night. Even on standby, they consume a lot of power and are unhealthy for the indoor climate.