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TENDER PORK is an innovative product range by Danish Crown, that provides users with an effective solution for cooking consistently juicy, tender and delicious pork.

TENDER PORK is produced exclusively in Denmark, from Danish raw material.

The range has been specially developed using a subtle brine that ensures the meat will not become dry and dull during cooking or resting, even if kept warm for a long time; thus making it perfect for restaurants, canteens and buffets.

TENDER PORK is ideal for users who;

  • require the product to deliver a reliable and high quality finish every time
  • require the product to maintain its quality when held in heat for an extended period
  • require a product that can be cooked to a high standard with limited chef training or experience
  • require a product that allows for speed and efficiency in the kitchen
  • require a product that encourages dish creativity and adaptability
  • require a product that will reduce waste and maintain yield

No more dry, tasteless, wasted pork.