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Get a great education

At Danish Crown, we employ many different apprentices, all of whom play an important role in our production and for our company.

Become an apprentice in Denmark

If you become an apprentice at Danish Crown in Denmark, you get: 

  • an apprenticeship manager you can learn from and who support you all the way
  • an educational course at school combined with practical experience and sparring with us.
  • allowed to use your hands and and a time-honoured craftsmanship that you can benefit from for the rest of your life
  • maybe a job when you graduate. We employ the majority of our apprentices in Denmark after graduation, so we can continue to develop together

We start up new groups of apprentices in February and August every year and we open for applications approx. 3 months before.

See our open apprenticeships here


All eyes and ears on you. Support is always nearby if and when you need it.
Strong sense of community
As a butcher apprentice, you learn to cut and turn the meat into products that are sold both at home and abroad. You learn to use the automatic control technique, just as you get around both quality and meat control etc. The training for a butcher takes two years with the possibility of a third year of specialization.
Take a look at our open apprenticeships here
Technical apprentices
Join us in the engine room
In Danish Crown we offer different technical apprenticeships, for example as automation technician or electrician. The courses can vary from country to country.

In Denmark the education typically is a combination between school and internships in a broad basic course and a specialized main course. You must have 9 years of schooling or equivalent.
See the open positions for technical apprentices here
This is where I got my chance
Helle Halkjær explains why Danish Crown is a good place to be an apprentice:

- All the good colleagues who listen, whether you have some tiring things on your mind, or you have a nice day where you can have a lot of fun - while working, of course. It is not at all a workplace where you just do your own thing and go home again. I could not do that at all.

- This was the chance I got to show that I was ok, that I was good enough. I was allowed to show who I was and was accepted.

Helle recently finished her apprenticeship as a butcher in Herning, Denmark, where she is still employed.