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Danish Crown's accounts payable department receives and handles more than 500,000 invoices a year. To ensure the smooth and expedient handling of the invoices we receive, we have laid down a number of invoicing requirements.

This is done to:

  • Ensure timely payment to our suppliers
  • Support the internal authorization process at Danish Crown
  • Reduce Danish Crown’s manual invoice handling
  • Being in line with internal and external audit requirements
  • Meeting tax regulations – local and inside European Union, as well as in third party countries

Please note that the following information must be stated on all invoices sent to Danish Crown:

  1. If you have received a Purchase Order, your invoice must contain the Purchase Order number and position number, if several Purchase order lines are received.
  2. Commercial engagement with the external suppliers follows the approved buying channels in Danish Crown, with one of the preferred channels being Purchase Orders. 

Invoices without a Purchase Order indicated, must contain the email address of the person, who requested the materials/services.

Furthermore, such invoices may be returned with a request for a corrected invoice or supplementary information provided.

This would result in additional processing time, and thus, payment may be delayed.

In both cases, invoices need to follow the legal and internal requirements. (e.g. VAT number, address format, delivery address, bank details, trade currency, commodity code, country of origin, etc.,…)

Please see the names and VAT IDs of our entities here.

Please find Danish Crown's standard terms and conditions here.

We look forward to receiving invoices and credit notes in a PDF document at the email addresses listed here.

Please note that each PDF file may contain only one invoice/credit note. Please do note that emails will not be read. If you wish to contact us about payment reminders, bank statements, etc. We would like to be contacted on the addresses listed here.

Your support and engagement in this area will help us to ensure that your invoices are treated correctly and on time.