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- In short, we must create a positive, upward spiral. 

This is what Group CEO Jais Valeur says about how the Danish Crown Group's new strategy, Feeding the future, should lead the Group towards 2026. The strategy is largely built around a spiral mindset with six primary points. 

The spiral must be completed for the strategy to succeed. 

The prerequisite for the spiral to start is a high settlement price for the Group's owners. Once that has happened, the spiral can be started. 

Point 1: Major investments in sustainability, the supply chain and innovation from farm to fork 

Investments of approximately 4-5 billion among the owners in technology and new stables and investments of 11-12 billion kroner in the group will increase the value of the products, reduce costs and future-proof production for many years to come. About half of the investments in the group are in the production apparatus. 

Point 2: Maintain a sustainable production level for Danish pigs at the current level of 10-13 million

The goal is not to increase the number of pigs, but instead to maintain the current level and create growth by creating more value to our products. This means that the current number of pigs will be optimized within the current capacity. 

Point 3: Smart and efficient supply chain

By maintaining the current capacity, it is possible to improve the entire supply chain so that Danish Crown can deliver what customers demand: High-quality sustainable food. 

Point 4: High quality sustainable food

Danish Crown must stay close to both customers and consumers and listen to their ideas, wishes and needs. The group must brand itself as a supplier of high-quality sustainable food in the key categories for retail, industry, and food service customers in strategic markets around the world. 

In addition, the company must to a greater extent position itself in growing categories and sales channels - with a focus on not least bacon, toppings, canned meat, meal solutions and plant-based products. 

Item 5: Add more value to the Group's products

As the products are differentiated with more innovation and sustainability from farm to fork, consumers will be willing to buy more and / or pay a higher price. The value of the products as a whole can also be increased, as the group will refine more raw materials. 

Once a higher value has been achieved for the products, the Group can invest further in innovation and sustainability. 

Item 6: continuously investments

With stronger positions in key markets and in key categories as well as products of higher value, the Group's ability to pay a high settlement price to the owners is strengthened. This increases the opportunity to make ongoing investments in innovation, technology and sustainability in agriculture and within the company. 

This leads back to point 1, and thus with the Feeding the future strategy, Danish Crown has a strong spiral to secure the future.