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Over the next five years, Friland will take further steps in the field of sustainability and climate. This must be done in close cooperation with the farmers in a new strategy.

It is an important part of Friland's strategy that future growth must come from increasing the uptake of animals for slaughter, and it is expected that Friland by getting more animals in on a weekly basis can increase revenue by 25 to 40 percent over the next five years.

The growth in the number of animals must of course be balanced with the sales opportunities. It is through this that Friland can ensure a strong settlement price for the farmers, says Friland's CEO, Claus Hein, who in recent months has worked with Friland's part of the Danish Crown Group's strategy Feeding the future.

- We hope that over the coming years we can increase the number of animals for slaughter in all four categories in Friland. But it is absolutely crucial that we continue to offer high stability in the settlement price, just as it is important to us that we do not have more animals than there is a profitable demand for, says Claus Hein, director of Friland.

At the same time, it is an important element in the strategy of Friland that the payment to farmers can be stabilized and preferably increased over the coming years.

This must be done through long-term, strategic customer partnerships. At the same time, sustainability will play a significant role in the development of Friland over the next five years.

In connection with the strategy, Friland will invest in the collaboration with the farmers, just as sustainability plans for the individual farms will continue to be developed.

- Friland must be a driver within sustainability both in terms of value and reputation for both Friland and the entire Danish Crown Group. This must be done through increased contact and even better cooperation between Friland and the farmers. Here we will continue to work with individual development of sustainability plans on the farms, so that the farmers in Friland become frontrunners on the climate, sustainability and biodiversity agendas, says Claus Hein, who looks forward to presenting a number of different sustainability initiatives over the strategy period.

The details of the strategy will be presented at information- and summer meetings for the owners at two meetings in Middelfart and Horsens, respectively.

It is absolutely crucial that we continue to offer high stability in the settlement price.