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Through our different jobs and strong focus on social integration, apprenticeships, and skills development, we seek to create value for the individual, for Danish Crown, and for society in general.

A diverse workplace

At Danish Crown, we believe in the power of people’s different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We believe diverse and inclusive teams create a competitive ad¬vantage, demonstrated through better decision making, enhanced wellbeing, increased innovation, and higher performance.

Our policy for Diversity and Inclusion
Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy reinforces our commitment to fostering equal opportunities in general. The policy outlines our focus areas and initiatives to ensure the diversity we already have and aspire to further can thrive and grow in the organisation.
Diversity and inclusion policy

From graduate to future leader

In Danish Crown’s international graduate programme, we aim for a split of 40/60 male/female and 50/50 Danes/international profiles. We enrol new, high-level graduates through the two-year programme and build on their academic competences to further develop their skills and strengthen our future leadership pipeline.

Upskilling our hourly-paid co-workers

We strive to build competencies for our hourly-paid co-workers, and we continuously provide courses for people with dyslexia and basic upskilling courses in Danish, math, and IT.
In collaboration with educational institutes and production directors in Denmark, we have introduced a course for production workers who wish to become industrial operators. By upskilling our employees, they become qualified to operate the robots that are to replace some of the most physically requiring workflows in the future.

Attracting young people to our industry

We are responsible for attracting young people to a career in the food industry. Therefore, we are in partnerships with the Danish Meat Trade College, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, and Danish state schools to stimulate interest among young people.
We also have cocreated a Danish butcher training programme with health and safety, sustainability, and prevention of injuries as part of the curriculum.

From war veteran to employment
We want to contribute positively to society at large. That is why we, among other thing, employ war veterans at our Danish abattoir in Horsens. And across all our Danish facilities, we had several war veterans on the payroll since 2021, and as part of the initiative, we also train mentors to support inclusion.

We specifically, in this employment initiative, target war veterans suffering from trauma or PTSD because of their service in the Danish armed forces.