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Randers, 6 April 2016

118 years. This is how long the old slaughterhouse spent slaughtering 47 million pigs. Now the new Danish Crown abattoir in Horsens has remarkably reached the same milestone. The abattoir has not only been able to slaughter the same number of pigs in just 11 years but it has also done so on the same date.  

The old slaughterhouse closed on 7 April 2005 when pig number 47 million had been slaughtered. On 7 April this year the new abattoir reaches the same milestone.

Carsten Wengel, Site Director, Associate VP in Horsens, is pleased that the milestone has been reached this fast.

- This figure is based on a huge work effort. A lot of hard work has been made by the dedicated employees from the beginning of the planning process 15 years ago to today when pig number 47 million is being slaughtered, he explains.

In the beginning weekly slaughtering was planned at 77,000 pigs but quickly capacity was increased which also influence the milestone of 47 million pigs being reached this fast. Presently, app. 100,000 pigs are weekly slaughtered by Danish Crown in Horsens.