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Danish Crown in collaboration on the packaging of tomorrow
Launching plant-based product series
Danish Crown will phase out palm oil by 2023
Our food safety is world class


Our vision is climate neutral production

Did you know that Danish Crown has started revolutionizing the industry in terms of climate imprint? We want to halve our climate footprint by 2030, and we are working hard on this every single day in every direction. Both with the farmer, during transport and at the slaughterhouses.

  • 90% of our Danish pigs are sustainability certified by 2020
  • 50% reduction of our climate footprint in 2030
  • Climate neutral production in 2050
How we work with sustainability
Pure pork
Raised without antibiotics
Pure Pork pigs raised without antibiotics are bred and reared on Danish family farms.
Raising Pure Pork pigs without antibiotics requires more work, care and attention for each individual pig. That increases our passion and sense of workmanship.
Read more about Pure Pork