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We guarantee full traceability of our products, including our Pure Pork pigs, from the farms all the way to the supermarket shelves. The “From Farm to Fork” principle is dynamically integrated in every process; from educating our pig producers, regulating pig breeding and animal health procedures, enforcing policies on animal feed stuffs and minimizing transportation time to the slaughterhouse, to the butchering process, product packaging and handling.

Ensuring world-class food safety, our production facilities are also certified by independent third party quality assurance auditors to the following international standards: GRMS (Global Red Meat Standard), SQF (Safe Quality Food), IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium).


  • No antibiotics
  • No growth promotants
  • All-vegetarian feed only
  • Gestation crates are prohibited
  • Fully slatted floors are prohibited
  • All pigs must have access to manipulable materials
  • Born and raised on Danish family farms governed by Danish Crown protocol
  • Slaughtered in Denmark by Danish Crown

How we raise our pure pork pigs

Rasied without antibiotics