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Our ambition is to become the world’s most sustainable and successful meat producer by 2030, and our strategy is rooted in the aspects that are material to us and our stakeholders. By 2030, we must have reduced the climate impact of our meat production by 50 per cent relative to 2005. But 2030 is not our final destination. Our vision is a future in which meat from Danish Crown is climate-neutral (net zero) by 2050.

Our strategy is focused on assuming responsibility for all stages of the meat production process. We have defined five key focus areas which support selected Sustainable Development Goals. We translate the strategy into practice by both working across the value chain to drive developments in a sustainable direction and also by anchoring the principles for responsible business conduct throughout our organisation.

Sustainable farming

We aim to secure a strong future for farmers and promote sustainable livestock production within planetary boundaries.

Sustainable food production

We will operate a sustainable, efficient and high-performing food production, setting high standards for ourselves and for our suppliers.

Feeding the world

We will find new ways to feed the world with sustainable meat and protein through collaboration and partnerships in our value chain.

Good jobs for all

We will attract and retain people with good jobs and equal opportunities for everyone, creating safe and healthy workplaces.

Together with customers and consumers

We will earn customers’ and consumers’ confidence and meet their needs for healthy, safe and responsible food.

Our contribution to the SDGs
Danish Crown wants to contribute to promoting the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development and meet the UN SDGs. This means we both strengthen our positive contribution and mitigate the risk of negative impacts throughout our value chain. We have considered both our own activities where we have a direct influence on the SDGs, and how our activities indirectly impact the SDGs throughout our value chain. To Danish Crown, the SDGs are a guiding principle on our way to a sustainable transition of food production.
Our contribution to the SDGs