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Percent. This is what we aim to lower our climate impact by in 2030.


Percent. Of all pigs delivered to our Danish abattoirs come from climate controlled farmers.

Climate researchers all over the world are highlighting meat as one of the great challenges for our planet, the climate and the living conditions of future generations.

This is a fundamental challenge for all meat producers, which we have a big responsibility to help solve. We cannot continue to eat and produce meat as we do now.

We must start to do things differently, and we have pledged to take the lead in finding sustainable solutions for producing meat with a lower climate impact and in a more sustainable way.

This does not mean that Danish Crown will be producing less meat. Because the global population is growing. In 2050, according to the UN, there will be approximately 10 billion mouths to feed. But we want to offer people a sustainable alternative, so they can eat meat in responsible quantities with a clear conscience.

To succeed, all links of the chain must contribute to doing things in new ways – consumers, retail chains, food producers and farmers.

We either stop eating meat, or we find a sustainable way forward.
We know where we want to go, but we don’t know all the answers yet.

It will therefore be a journey we must take together with our entire value chain, from farm to fork and from livestock feed to the consumer.

Our sustainability strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and builds on the key areas where Danish Crown has the greatest influence on the value chain, whether positive or negative. We identify and assess these areas every year, to ensure that we are focused on the right opportunities and challenges. We then set sustainable goals in a number of areas, such as strategy and business development, where we can see that we can make a positive difference for farmers, customers and our surroundings.

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What we are going to do

Pledge and strategy

We want both current and future generations to have the opportunity to enjoy quality meat, which has been produced in a more sustainable way and with respect for the environment, livestock and people.

That is why it is our goal for Danish Crown to be the world’s most sustainable and successful meat producer in 2030. We aim to emit 50 per cent less greenhouse gases in 2030 than in 2005. Already in 2019, 90 per cent of the pigs supplied to our Danish abattoirs will come from sustainability-certified farmers. However, the transformation will not stop in 2030. Our vision is a future in 2050 where Danish Crown’s meat production is (net) climate-neutral.

Our sustainability strategy therefore focuses on taking responsibility in all parts of the meat production process. The strategy is divided into five main strands, each of which is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Feeding the World

We have placed the nucleus at the centre of the model, which we call Feeding the World. This focuses on exploring new solutions to the biggest and most complex issues, such as sustainable livestock feed and new technologies.

In the other four main strands, we will give priority to various initiatives which – together with the nucleus – will make sustainable meat production part of the solution to more sustainable development in the world.

Sustainable agriculture

We are working towards a net fossil fuel-free agriculture in 2050, a development plan for world-class fodder and a strategy for handling liquid manure.

Sustainable food production

We are also working towards a net fossil fuel-free production in 2050, to minimise resource consumption, utilise the entire animal and ensure efficient use of energy and water.

Good jobs for everyone

We are working to ensure good, safe jobs, and to continue our initiatives to socially integrate people on the fringe of the labour market. We are also striving to create visible career and training opportunities, to ensure a future for both skilled and unskilled workers.

Partnerships with customers and consumers

We develop products for a healthy and sustainable diet, create sustainable packaging, reduce food waste and inspire customers and consumers to always choose the most sustainable meat options.

In 2030, Danish Crown aims to be the world’s most sustainable and successful meat producer.
UN Sustainable Development Goals
We put our focus where we can make the biggest difference
2: Zero hunger
4: Quality education
8: Decent work and economic growth
12: Responsible consumption and production
13: Climate action
15: Life on land
17: Partnerships for the goals

The selected goals relate to various parts of the sustainability strategy.

Meat2030 – How can we solve the challenges?

We know that there are many dilemmas in modern agriculture, and that the path to sustainable meat presents many complex challenges. But if we produce meat in a smarter and more sustainable way, we can continue to eat it in the future.

In order to find the best solutions, we need to discuss challenges and opportunities with a broad group of stakeholders – from producers to customers, think tanks and consumer organisations. We have therefore initiated a number of Meat2030 dialogues, where we invite customers, suppliers, sustainability thinkers, food concept developers, researchers and other experts to discuss possible ways to find concrete solutions to the challenges of the future.

Summary from the first Meat2030-conference