We regularly need to recruit qualified workers within a wide range of disciplines and job types. We employ trained butchers as well as semi-skilled workers in production, where electricians, metal workers and automation technicians ensure stable operation and perform many other tasks. Positions also include master tradesman, laboratory technicians and white collar workers in areas such as administration, sales, finance, IT, development and planning.

Working for Danish Crown offers both challenges and professional development. For employees who make a determined effort, there are good career opportunities, either as a specialist or a manager.

Comprehensive development programme

We need well-trained staff who keep their training up-to-date in order to remain competitive. This is also essential if we are to remain a workplace that attracts the best employees.
Danish Crown has a comprehensive development programme that aims to ensure we always have capable employees throughout the organisation. This applies at the professional, technical and personal levels. The development programme is supplemented by a number of activities in the workplace that focus on a specific employee group or topic.

We strive to recruit internally at all levels in the group. There are therefore a wide range of career paths at Danish Crown. Some start as a butcher’s apprentice and might later become a master butcher or operations or factory manager. Others start off as an office trainee and end up as a sales manager, executive assistant or director. There are many opportunities, even if you have a background outside Danish Crown and want to try your hand in the meat sector.

As part of a special talent programme, Danish Crown regularly selects employees from all functions and levels who are seen to have great potential. These employees are offered a range of development opportunities and preferential treatment when filling positions. Each individual development plan runs for two years and includes training and new responsibilities, as well as external courses and long-term training.

We offer good career opportunities.