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The DAT Schaub strategic ambition is to continue to drive growth and value in the markets where they already are present, strengthening their presence in future growth markets and growth through acquisitions. The strategic aim is to increase the topline by approx. 50 percent during the period and continue to deliver a positive development in their result after tax.

Organic growth

Natural hog sets remain the core business of DAT-Schaub, supported by a strong presence within sheep casings and artificial casings. DAT-Schaub are committed to expanding their raw material base and strengthen the presence in future market and widen their global presence. DAT-Schaub will also expand their activities within the pharma category by adding raw material volumes.

M&A Growth

In order to strengthen the DAT-Schaub-network, they are pursuing mergers and acquisitions in selected areas and geographies and with respect for their capabilities and core business.


DAT-Schaub will maintain a balanced organization that builds on their successful de-centralized organization with empowerment of their countries and country organizations. Within the strategy period DAT-Schaub will strengthen their support functions, either centrally or de-centrally, in order to support benchmarking and the use of best practice in sourcing, production and sales to benefit the entire DAT-Schaub group.