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The air-dried premium steak is always on our a la carte menu. But because of the steeper prices and also, to try something different, we occasionally run dishes with some other cuts of beef. This could be kidney tappers, shoulder tenderloin, and all sorts of other fun cuts. I am often in dialogue with our supplier about alternatives.

Those who go for the dark, air-dried premium beef are probably 60 percent men and 40 percent women. I think women more often choose lighter dishes because they would rather drink white wine than red wine. The new Norland heifer sounds like something that could be particularly interesting for a female audience.

We have many regular customers. Some of them order their usual favourite – the red steak.  Many of our regulars also come back because they know they can try something new.  It could be fun to work with e.g. Danish Crown to develop new dishes with new ingredients, so we can serve something you can't get everywhere else.

Jacob Jensby, chef Restaurant JA

Norland heifer – my new signature dish
As a professional chef I’m always interested in new ways to please my guests. Trends come and go, but one thing that always keeps customers coming back is taste.

We’ve all been to the, what I call, “tweezer” restaurants, where dishes are virtually works of art and feed the eye as much as the stomach. And I love what that’s done to raise the bar for what is expected in even more eye-level brasserie-style restaurants like mine. But ultimately, as they say in advertising, that’s “selling the sizzle, not the steak”. In my restaurant I sell steak first and the sizzle’s just the soundtrack.

That’s why I started choosing Norland heifer. Two reasons actually: first the taste and consistency is excellent and gives me the opportunity to present something new – kind of between a traditional steak and veal – which I think is a good place to be flavour-wise; second, the people I’ve met at Norland are interested in helping me and even go as far as developing just the right cuts for what are quickly becoming our signature dishes. Cuts which are the same in size and quality every time and which I can confidently plate-up knowing that my guests always get the same quality experience.