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The Danish Veal concept is Danish Crown's quality programme for calf production, which we have been running since 2001. Danish Veal calves are bred by selected Danish farmers who have committed themselves to strict demands within ethics as well as the health, welfare and living conditions of the calves.

It is a certification program based on both the farmer's self-assessment and external, impartial controls. The program includes requirements for 100% Danish breeding and good animal welfare throughout the calf's life and focuses on craftsmanship, dedication, quality and not least pride.

We say that Danish Veal is dedicated to giving our calves a good life. And, with specific growing requirements of age, weight, form and fat grade it means our farmers ensure they produce more sustainable, high quality veal every time. 

Look for Danish Veal when buying veal.

Danish Veal by Danish Crown is both a story about animal welfare and incredibly delicious meat.

What you get when you buy Danish Veal...

Danish Veal has a texture that is tender, juicy and soft. Which contributes to a delicate eating experience with a round umami flavour and notes of sweet smoke.