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The superior quality of our pork is the outcome of the care taken at all stages of production, and over 100 years of breeding. 100% of Danish Crown farmers are now raising their pigs on farms that are following Danish Crown's sustainability programme, The Climate Track.

Having full control over each aspect of the operation from ‘farm to fork’ means we can assure that our farmers provide optimum conditions for the pigs, resulting in healthy growth and nutritious, consistently high quality pork.

We also ensure that the pigs are treated gently and with respect throughout the entire supply chain, with complete adherence to our strict animal welfare requirements.

Our extensive pork portfolio includes a wide range of bacon, sausages, collars, Boston Butts, pork chops, and ribs perfect for authentic American barbecue.



Because our superior Danish pork has an excellent meat to fat ratio, our bellies are perfect for succulent, juicy ribs!

As the UK division of a global meat supplier, we have also been able to take significant learnings from our American colleagues, which has allowed us to ensure truly authentic cuts for American smokehouses. Among the specifications we offer are;


  • Loin ribs - ranging from 650g+ to 750g+, you can select the rack that best fits your menu. We also offer a meatier loin rib, with an extra layer of meat on top of the bones.
  • St. Louis ribs - square cut belly rib with extra layers of meat on top of the bones.
  • Meaty ribs - a bespoke sheet that became so popular, it’s now a permanent specification. This is an adaptation of the St. Louis cut, but with a full layer of belly meat as well as fat on top of the bones.

New premium Danish pork range...

We have also recently introduced a new Danish premium product range to our UK foodservice market, offering a unique flavour, texture and story that is guaranteed to elevate your menus.

Find out more by clicking the link below, and get in touch to arrange a tasting!

Dyrbar, dry-aged pork (& beef)

Our Dyrbar range, meaning 'precious' is a premium, innovative meat that's full of flavour. Specially selected animals, hook-ripened and expertly carved to challenge, surprise and delight. The dry-aging process transforms the meat's flavour and makes it more tender. Created for the discerning chef, delivering on taste, quality and experience. 

To discover more about our Dyrbar range, click here.

Created for the discerning chef, delivering on taste, quality and experience.