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With a dedicated curing and leg de-boning facility based in Cornwall, our premium Danish raw material is tailored locally by our skilled butchers, and cured by our experts to create bespoke specifications for our customers. What's more, we create smoked gammon products at our in-house smoking facility, using slowly-smouldered beechwood for a natural taste. Our team are fully dedicated to their craft and understand the complexity of each cut in our portfolio and how to achieve the result you’re looking for.

As a UK division of a global meat producer, with ownership of our entire supply chain from 'farm to fork' and a commitment to continuous development and investment, we are able to develop our production facilities from scratch. So, in addition to our masterful craftsmanship, our sites house state-of-the-art equipment, including our Marel laser portion cutter, which enables us to consistently slice our gammons and steaks to the nearest gram. Not only does this reduce waste and maximise your savings, it also guarantees perfectly portioned, uniform products every time.

Last year we added a premium single-muscle topside gammon steak to our extensive selection of gammon products, and with a long shelf-life, no rind or fat it's been a huge hit with our customers! Get in touch to find out more about our full product portfolio.

Care and respect for our animals is crucial to ensuring we can produce high-quality products and create value for our customers and consumers.