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We are world experts in cured pork and have been bacon specialists since 1887. We’re proud to say our bacon is produced from the finest pigs raised on our very own farms, following our sustainability programme, The Climate Track, and finished locally at our BRC accredited UK production sites. Best-in-class processes, innovation, and the full supply chain control we have from start to finish means we can guarantee superior quality and consistency.


Our curing processes allow for optimum salt levels, taste and consistency and we can offer a wide range of bacon specifications for our customers, for both back and streaky bacon. All of our streaky bacon is now available as Pure Pork, raised without antibiotics. Our main bacon lines include;

  •      Pure Pork bacon
  •      Hand-salted bacon
  •      Sweet-cured bacon
  •      Wood-smoked bacon
  •      Viking dry-cured bacon 


We are also able to tailor the specification of the slicing thickness to your needs, down to the millimetre. When it comes to bacon, no one does it better than the Danes!