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Care, attention and expertise are guaranteed with Danish Crown beef; from cattle farming to butchery, to grading, selection and maturation.

From premium steaks to succulent roasting joints to gourmet burgers, our range of beef products is extensive and promises quality every time.

Award winning steaks

Butchery is a craft that many spend years perfecting. With our team of expert butchers on hand, we are able to offer some truly stunning steaks. Perfectly portioned and beautifully marbled, our award-winning steaks will always be memorable on menus. From our extensive portfolio, we can offer;

  • Hand-cut or laser-cut steaks - using our top of the range laser portion cutter

  • Dry-aged steaks - aged in our very own maturation room with 200-year-old Himalayan salt rock

  • Assured provenance - including locally sourced and USDA beef, as well as our premium Danish beef


We know that some customers prefer meat that has been born and raised in the UK, which is why we have also developed partnerships with a selection of trusted British beef suppliers and abattoirs, so that we can offer provenance for your menus. We work closely with our leading British partners to ensure that only the best raw material is selected from the best cows, using traditional British breeds.

Our Aberdeen Angus Scottish beef is extremely popular with customers and comes from farmers that are aligned with our values, food safety and welfare standards.

New premium Danish beef ranges...

We have also recently introduced three new Danish premium product ranges to our UK foodservice market. Each offers a unique flavour, texture and story that is guaranteed to elevate your menus.

Find out more by clicking the links below, and get in touch to arrange a tasting!

Danish Veal

Our Danish Veal concept is built upon Danish Crown’s quality calf production programme which centres around craftsmanship, dedication, quality and pride in achieving some of the highest animal welfare standards. The result is truly delicious Danish Veal that has a tender, juicy and soft texture, creating a delicate eating experience. Click here to find out more.

Norland beef

Norland is our premium, hand-selected beef, that has been expertly reared, selected and butchered to bring you a unique taste of the north. To achieve the incredibly high quality, our expert butchers choose only the best sides produced from a special cross-bred selection. The way in which we hang our meat intensifies the flavour and then it is carefully matured to deliver a unique and complex balance of taste and tenderness that sits somewhat between that of beef and veal. To learn more click here.

Dyrbar, dry-aged beef (& pork)

Our Dyrbar range, meaning 'precious' is a premium, innovative meat that's full of flavour. Specially selected animals, hook-ripened and expertly carved to challenge, surprise and delight. The dry-aging process transforms the meat's flavour and makes it more tender. Created for the discerning chef, delivering on taste, quality and experience. To discover more click here.

Offers a unique flavour, texture and story that is guaranteed to elevate your menus.