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Through our specialist Toppings division we are also able to offer a wide range of pizza toppings that make it on to millions of pizzas every year. 

Our extensive toppings portfolio can be used on both traditional Italian inspired pizzas as well as an American deep pan pizza – ranging from salami, pepperoni, ham and spicy beef chunks to Tender Beef and Tender Pork products.

There is also a wide range of Halal pizza toppings available, such as Halal pepperoni, which is made from Halal-certified beef and chicken.

Innovation is extremely important to us and we always pay close attention to the consumer needs and trends in the market. The combination of high quality ingredients, ongoing development and our many years of experience ensures consistent, premium products every time.

Innovation is extremely important to us.
Our pepperoni process
We pay special attention to our pepperoni process, with a facility in Denmark dedicated purely to making this product.

All of our pepperonis are filled in fibrous casings, allowing smoke to permeate through and moisture to be lost during drying. Once the casings have been filled, the pepperonis are hung and transferred to the smoker where they are cold-smoked over beechwood chips and then transferred to our climate room, where they hang for two to three weeks.

The products are inspected every day to check for the right consistency before they are finally sliced, cubed or packed as sticks.