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Trusted quality & uniformity
Our scale allows us to breed and select the best animals for our customers. The large tonnage handled by Danish Crown and on-going investment in our facilities, means we can assure consistency in our products. Pairing our unrivalled craftsmanship with top-of-the-range equipment, such as 3D CT scanners, fat analysers and Marel slicers, we are able to process and assess meat quality with precision.

The uniformity of our pork products has been achieved through more than 100 years of breeding, which has made Danish pigs world famous for a high meat percentage and a good meat/fat distribution.
Supply chain ownership & traceability
We own our entire supply chain for pork and beef, from the farms to the slaughterhouses, to the transport, to the UK production facilities, so we have the ability to track each stage of the process from farm to fork, and we have full records for each of our animals, so we can trace back your meat to the exact batch.

We also operate to some of the highest food safety and animal welfare standards in the world.
Sustainability leadership
As a global meat supplier, we take our responsibility to look after the planet seriously. Which is why we have set ourselves ambitious targets and are pioneering initiatives across our business to reduce our impact on the environment. With the goal of climate-neutral meat production by 2050, we are on a journey and proudly leading the way towards a more sustainable future for food.
Stability, availability & delivery
Our quality Danish pork guarantees availability, so you can enjoy the confidence and predictability of consistent supply. Through economic fluctuations, the Covid19 pandemic, seasonal changes and market challenges, we have remained a stable supplier to our global and UK partners.

Through years of experience we have accumulated advanced knowledge and capabilities of 'just in time' deliveries; and with continuous investment in our high-standard fleet, you can count on us to deliver to suit your schedule.

We are proud to be a reliable partner to your business.
We understand your customers expect a point of difference in a competitive market, and we have the scale and expertise to offer just that; whether that be through our ongoing investment in product innovation, the creation of bespoke cuts and specifications by our expert butchers to suit your customers’ needs, or sustainability storytelling to elevate your products in the eyes of the customer and consumer.
Training & support
From inspiring tours of our farms and production sites, to culinary events and educational training, our team are on hand to support and upskill your team.