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The superior quality of our pork is a result of the care taken throughout our value chain, and over 100 years of breeding. The full control we have over each aspect of the operation from ‘farm to fork’, means we can assure that our farmers provide optimum conditions for the pigs, resulting in healthy growth and nutritious, consistently high quality pork.

100% of Danish Crown farmers are now raising their pigs on farms that are following Danish Crown's sustainability programme, The Climate Track. This means they are measured on a wide range of sustainability criteria to significantly improve their environmental impact. We also ensure that the pigs are treated gently and with respect throughout the entire supply chain, in adherence to our strict animal welfare requirements.

Our extensive pork portfolio includes world-famous Danish bacon, juicy gammons, succulent ribs, bespoke sausages, pork chops, bellies, shoulders, collars, loins and more! 

Danish Crown takes its responsibility to look after the planet seriously.


Because our superior Danish pork has an excellent meat to fat ratio, our bellies are perfect for succulent, juicy ribs!

As the UK division of a global meat producer, we have been able to take significant learnings from our American colleagues to perfect truly authentic cuts for our smokehouse customers. From meaty ribs to loin ribs and St. Louis ribs, there's a product to suit your needs.


Sausages will always have a place in British hearts, from our beloved bangers and mash, to succulent breakfast sausages, to the people pleaser in a barbecue feast.

Our specialist sausage production process guarantees that our sausages not only deliver on quality and taste but will importantly be perfectly uniform. We create sausages to meet your chosen specification, with extensive taste tests until you’re happy with the product! Alongside our bespoke sausages, we offer a variety of sausages, including Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Chorizo, and Pork with Jalapeno and Cheddar, leek, or tomato.

If you're looking for top-tier pork products, our expert team is on hand to help.

Climate-neutral meat production by 2050
With a vision of delivering climate-neutral meat by 2050, a commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and approval from the UN-backed Science-Based Targets Initiative, Danish Crown takes its responsibility to look after the planet seriously.

We're proud to be taking a pioneering role across many areas of sustainability from biogas to biodiversity, responsible soy to regenerative farming, animal welfare to reduced antibiotic usage and more!
Join us on our sustainability journey