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Our pork is produced from pigs raised without the use of antibiotics from birth. The farmers have the upmost respect for animal welfare, dedicating even more care and attention to each individual pig and adhering to globally-renowned animal welfare standards. The pigs are raised on sustainability certified family farms under a programme called the Climate Track, meaning they are measured on a wide range of sustainability criteria to significantly improve their environmental impact. Bringing both good meat and good conscience to the table.

We guarantee full traceability of our products from the farms to delivery, giving you absolute peace of mind.
Pork tenderloin
The tenderloin, as its name suggests, is the most tender part of the pig. It is an incredibly lean and luxurious cut; the pork equivalent of a beef fillet. This premium piece of pork is sure to impress dinner guests! Our Pure Pork tenderloin is delivered whole, for maximum versatility.
Baby back ribs
You’ll have seen Danish baby back ribs on all of your favorite menus, and for a good reason. They’re a real crowd pleaser, with lots of lean meat both between and on top of the bones. And at only 618 calories per 1 lb serving (10 oz edible portion), they're tasty, leaner than our St. Louis ribs, but still indulgent.
St. Louis ribs
Our famous Danish pork ribs just got meatier! St. Louis cut ribs have an extra layer of fat on the top of the ribs so they stay super juicy, no matter how you cook them. If you want indulgence and authentic American BBQ, these are the ribs for you.

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