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Danish Crown has a global network of sales offices, production sites and industry partners across each continent, which means we have valuable insight into the wonderfully diverse cultures of cooking and eating in every corner of the world.

We work closely with our Japanese, Chinese and Korean colleagues to produce products that are ideal for Asian cuisine, both for the domestic markets themselves and for Asian-style restaurants here in the UK.

How can Danish Crown help your business?

Serve authentically Asian-style cuts of meat – Whether you require spare ribs with a specific meat to fat ratio, bones for home-made ramen, thinly sliced pork belly, or beef sirloin strips for stir-fries, our products are truly authentic and have been adapted specifically for Asian dishes.

Make your dishes consistent – Our products are expertly selected and processed by our skilled butchers to ensure each one is uniform and cut to specification.

Ensure the highest levels of food safety – We comply with the highest standards of food safety procedures in the world. Email us today to find out more about the extra lengths we go to.

“On behalf of Duck and Rice Ltd I would like to express my thanks for always delivering excellent quality meats to our busy kitchen. As always your short baby back ribs are of the best quality and are amongst some of our many favourite dishes, loved by our diners. In addition your rindless & boneless pork belly has just the perfect meat to fat ratio which is great! As it comes ready to slice and cook it makes light work for our preparation team. It is fantastic to be able to order these items without any hassle or fuss.

Your customer service is exceptional and we have never had any issues with your drivers who are always friendly and on time.

Another added bonus is that as we are always developing new dishes, Danish Crown are always ready to meet our very high demands with special cuts and high grade quality meats which is highly valued by us all.”

Alan Yau’s Duck & Rice