Our Brands

Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S is behind several of the most famous and popular brands, when it comes to bacon, pepperoni and other pizza toppings, cold cuts, sausages, soups, ready meals, meatballs and canned meat.

The brands include Denmark's oldest registered trademark Tulip, Mou, GØL and Steff-Houlberg. Danish Crown Professional (formerly Tulip Foodservice) is also one of Denmark's most popular suppliers for canteens, restaurants and public institutions.

Danish Crown Foods has 15 production facilities located in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. All our factories meet the most strict requirements in terms of food safety. By advanced technology, we can track any product's road from farm to fork. Danish Crown Foods is Europe's largest supplier in the categories of bacon and pepperoni. Approximately half of the products sold by Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S are marketed in the Nordic countries, while the other half is distributed worldwide. From the foothills of the highest of mountains to the deepest of rainforests, Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S products are sold and we ensure nutritious and tasty meals even in the most remote parts of the world.

We are deeply conscious of our responsibilities and want to take the lead in the quest for better animal welfare and sustainable food production so that we can deliver our products in more than 120 countries with a clear conscience – from farm to fork.

We believe the future holds an even greater focus on high quality, food safety, animal welfare and importantly, sustainability. We want to embrace the responsibility of producing food more sustainably and securing a strong foundation for future generations – environmentally, socially and economically.

Over the past year, Danish Crown, Tulip Food Company A/S has taken several significant steps as part of this transformation. Not least our new sustainability targets that state that in 2030, we will emit 50 % less carbon emissions than we did in 2005. But we will not stop there. Our vision is that by 2050 Danish Crown’s meat production will be completely climate-neutral.

Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S live up to the world's confidence with an uncompromising approach to our work, and with hundreds of thousands of annual analyses and inspection visits by the authorities, we are not shy to call ourselves world champions in food safety.

  • 15 production facilities

    DK: Aalborg, Svenstrup, Vejle, Esbjerg, Bramming, Herning, Kolding, Thorning, Aabenraa and Skagen.
    D: Oldenburg, Dinklage and Schüttorf.
    NL: Haarlem
    S: Jönköping

  • Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S in numbers

    Revenue: Approx. DKK 10 billion.

    Employees: Approx. 3,500

    Activities: Production and sale of fresh and processed foods for the domestic market and more than 80 countries worldwide.

  • Address

    Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S
    Tulipvej 1, DK-8940 Randers SV, DK
    Phone +45 8910 5000
    Fax: +45 8910 5001