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There are many challenging tasks involved in working in an abattoir and meat processing. Knives, robots, vehicles and heavy lifting are a normal part of daily operations, and naturally lead to a risk of accidents at work. We therefore have a strong focus on work safety – Danish Crown has to be a safe workplace.

We want to offer employees safe jobs, and we therefore constantly set ambitious targets for minimising the number of accidents.

We work in a structured way with assistive equipment, machine safety and hazardous workflows, and remind employees every day to take care of themselves and remember all the safety equipment before entering production. We also work on analysing and learning from the causes of accidents, so that we can constantly get better at preventing them.

We are in the process of rolling out a global health and safety system to improve the working environment. This aims to formalise our work across countries, and ensure consistent registration of work-related injuries and the like, such as accidents, near accidents, occupational diseases, prevention, fire and safety inspections, etc.

The goal is for all our production sites to have an occupational health and safety (OHS) management system that predicts and prevents OHS problems.

Diversity is deeply rooted in us

Danish Crown is an inclusive workplace with room for everyone, and diversity is deeply rooted in our way of doing business. We are one of the last sectors that creates jobs for unskilled employees, and can offer jobs to people at the fringe of the labour market.

People’s pasts are not important to us. We welcome refugees, people living on benefits or war veterans, or people who have a criminal past or have simply found it difficult to get a job before. The most important thing to us is that people are motivated, determined and ready to get started. We help people to refine their skills, and find satisfaction in doing a good day’s work together with friendly colleagues. It is therefore part of our DNA to give those that can do it, a chance.

Danish Crown is an inclusive workplace with room for everyone.