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The world needs less but better meat that is as sustainable as possible. We view sustainably produced high-quality meat as an important source of protein and a natural supplement to plant-based foods in a balanced and healthy diet.

The market is constantly evolving, and the growing focus on sustainability is an opportunity to become even more relevant to customers and consumers. We value quality over quantity, and our goal is not to produce more pigs, but rather to create more value from the raw materials supplied by our owners. With convenience food and plant-based products becoming increasingly popular, we invest broadly in innovation and production.

Our focus on sustainability is a door opener, and in 2020/21, sustainability was a crucial factor in negotiations. We landed substantial orders from large international players in the retail business and the foodservice market.

Responsible marketing

We regularly launch new products that contribute to more sustainable consumption. According to a European consumer analysis, consumers’ perception of sustainability still differs markedly across Danish Crown’s markets. In most EU countries, consumers mainly associate sustainable food with nutrition and health, while the analysis shows that only Danish, German and Swedish consumers mainly associate sustainability with a low environmental and climate impact and good animal welfare. Moreover, the analysis shows that taste, food safety and price remain the key priorities when European consumers buy food, whereas the environmental and climate impact has lower priority.

In June 2021, we became a signatory to the EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices. We welcome firmer standards for good communication about climate and also look forward to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s coming guidelines on green claims. In 2021, we held a number of seminars on sustainability for more than 300 of our sales and marketing employees.