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An abattoir is an accident-prone workplace, and, unfortunately, we are not free of such incidents. Our goal is to create a culture where employees do not take chances or undertake unnecessary risks, and we see top management’s commitment and a strategic approach as crucial to achieving this goal and to preventing accidents at work.

Vision Zero

In 2020/21, we joined the Danish Vision Zero Council and use the Vision Zero campaign’s set of rules to optimise our safety culture. In addition to leadership and commitment, focus is on identifying and controlling risks, defining clear targets and implementing robust management systems. Naturally, machinery and safety equipment must be in working order, working environment competences must be updated regularly, and employees should
be involved in working environment efforts.

Our health and safety organisation has focused on all these issues for many years, and with our longterm goals and One Management System, we will formalise the work further across the group. The management system ensures uniform registration of, for example, preventive measures, fire and safety controls as well as work accidents. This enables us to monitor and compare developments in the business units and across production facilities.

Accident prevention

Safety First is also about ensuring that all employees take responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe working environment. Consequently, we have introduced an indicator for a more systematic registration of near misses: For each accident at work, we record ten near misses. This increases employee awareness of what may lead to accidents and engages employees in what we can do differently to become better at predicting and preventing accidents.

Moreover, we will check our machinery and update the procedures for safe interruptions in connection with repairs. At each production facility, we train the employees to carry out this task, and we expect to cover all our production facilities in the coming years.

Localised efforts

As part of our efforts to prevent work accidents, we continued the oll out of our micro-campaigns in 2020/21. We completed the campaigns at all production facilities in Denmark, and preparations have begun in Poland, where the campaigns are expected to be implemented at the beginning of 2021/22.

Furthermore, we will concentrate our efforts on the production facilities where data on occupational health and safety show that there is a need for strengthening the safety culture. Based on a oneyear transformation process with the local management, we hope to reverse the trend. One example is Danish Crown in Svenstrup, Denmark, where we reduced the total number of accidents by 60 per cent in 2020/21 by focusing on management’s prioritisation and introducing proactive tools to prevent accidents and optimise the safety culture.


We will reduce the annual frequency of lost-time accidents to 20 per 1,000 FTEs at our European production facilities by 2025. Facilities reaching the goal ahead of schedule must achieve another 20 per cent reduction in 2025.


We support target 8.8. by protecting labour rights and providing a safe and secure working environment for everyone.

Safety First
Our Safety First approach is based on the theory that all accidents can be prevented by way of well-planned preventive efforts.