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Health and well-being on the job is essential for us to attract and retain our employees. Working at our abattoirs and in food production is physically demanding, and work instructions, production planning as well as automation and high-tech ancillary equipment are very important tools to prevent the attrition of our employees.

Investing in automation

Unfortunately, the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) is one of the most widespread disorders among our employees, and in 2020/21, we adopted a target of reducing the impact of musculoskeletal disorders going forward to 2025. We are in the process of pinpointing the most demanding jobs and preparing local action plans for how to minimise the risk of attrition. Moreover, we are investing in the further automation of jobs
to reduce or eliminate physical strains for employees. At the Danish pig abattoirs alone, the target is to increase automation by 20 per cent going forward to 2026.

If an employee becomes worn out, we work together to find a solution that will retain the employee or assist him or her with a retraining programme to ensure that the employee can remain an activenmember of the labour market.

Testing exoskeletons

Not all workflows can be automated, and we therefore tested spring-based exoskeletons at our Ringsted abattoir in Denmark in 2020/21. One purpose of exoskeletons is to reduce the physical burden of repeated lifting. To make the test as valid as possible, we are collaborating with researchers from the occupational medicine clinic of Herning, Denmark
(Arbejdsmedicinsk Klinik), which oversees the entire project. The project results will be published at the end of 2021, and the project has received financial support from the Danish Working Environment Research Fund.

Noise reduction target

We are continuously working to reduce noise and prevent hearing damage, and in 2020/21, we defined a target to limit daily noise exposure for our production employees to a maximum of 82 dB(A) by 2030. At the same time, we are establishing baselines for noise exposure at the individual production facilities so that we can prepare local action plans for how to achieve this target.


We want to reduce employee turnover by at least 10 per cent per year from 2021 to 2026.


We support target 8.8. by protecting labour rights and providing a stable working environment for everyone.

Sokołów recognised for occupational health and safety in Poland
In April 2021, and for the fourth consecutive year, Sokołów received the Solid Employer of the Year 2020 award, which is granted to businesses for their HR and corporate social responsibility efforts. Sokołów is recognised for high health and safety standards and for leadership programmes, co-financing of public holidays and holiday coupons as well as access to medical treatment packages and donations to the local community.
In 2020/21, Sokołów undertook a thorough review of working conditions at all production facilities, which resulted in a combined action plan for further improvements. In a