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Who are you?

Upon graduating, you will be faced with multiple big decisions that will shape your future career. Perhaps you know exactly where that will take you, or you are open minded and ready to explore. Either way, our Programme is tailored to support your future development. We see our Graduates as part of our leadership pipeline - that means you might not necessarily fast track straight into a people management role on day one, but we will provide you with the skills and experience to start that journey


We are looking for candidates who have graduated in the last two years or are about to graduate. We value any previous work experience that you might have, such as student jobs, voluntary work, internships or part-time work in any sector. You must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree – the field of study may vairy. We place importance on your ambition, drive, broad business understanding and your motivation to gain experience and influence our agenda to create a more sustainable future for food.

To become part of Danish Crown it is also important that you:

  • Are curious, independent, outgoing and embrace diversity
  • Have an international and enthusiastic mindset
  • Possess a solid self-awareness and resilience with the ability to successfully deliver in a role or location outside of your comfort zone 
  • Act as an ambassador – you can build relationships with stakeholders through open dialogue and transparent processes. You act responsibly with integrity and respect for all stakeholders and are proud to be part of Danish Crown
  • Have a drive towards results, seek innovative solutions and act on them
  • Understand that by working together and utilizing core strengths across departments and teams, we can strengthen the way we meet customer and consumer needs - now and in the future
A seat at the table Your open invitation to influence the agenda.

Requirements to enter: 

  • Have graduated within the last 2 years, or are about to graduate with a Bachelor's or Masters's degree.  
  • Have legal ability to work in Europe and the capability to flow into different rotations in Europe. We have great business in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Sweden and are welcoming graduates with the right to work in these countries, either through EU rights or existing permits/citizenships. 


With our Graduate Programme, you can have the opportunity to experience the entire value chain in the Danish Crown. The Danish Crown Group is unique in that we have an integrated and full value chain. This starts with our farmer-owners – the livestock producers that supply our raw material – and extends to abattoirs, and to ingredients, processed food and trading businesses, and, finally, consumers. We are cooperatively owned and operate in more than 130 markets worldwide. Our businesses create innovative foods within fresh meat, bacon, pizza toppings, snacks, sausages, ready meals and canned products. In all parts of the value chain, our focus is on food and feeding the world.