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Take a glimpse inside our Programme
Learn all about the Danish Crown Graduate Programme, including the benefits of rotations across the company, our focus on your learning and development and how we build our leadership pipeline through the Programme.

Programme Structure

Our two-year Graduate Programme features three different eight-month rotations, across three different business units and departments. This structure allows you to explore diverse career opportunities while gaining insight into Danish Crown’s value chain.

As part of the Programme, you will live and work abroad (outside of Denmark) for eight months in one of our business units. Here you will broaden your perspective, experience new cultures, gain international experience and learn about Danish Crown’s international challenges and opportunities. Our team will support you with day-to-day practicalities like housing and networking, as well as with tax and insurance.

Graduates have been on exciting rotations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Spain and more.

Learning & Development

In addition to your hands-on learning during rotations, 4 professional training and development courses are integrated in the Programme.

In the Danish Crown Graduate Programme, we prioritize continuously improving your toolbox both professionally and personally.

Being part of the Graduate Programme means that you have a wide range of opportunities to learn and develop, both professionally and personally. Much of this will come through on the job training in your rotations, where you gain broad functional insights into different business areas, as a graduate group you will also gather to participate in structured training.

You will experience 4 structured training modules covering multiple areas. A consistent thread throughout, is a deep understanding of our business units, cooperative structure and complex value chain. To support this, training is held across different Danish Crown offices and production sites with input from a diverse group of leaders, who share their leadership stories and experiences.  Across the 4 modules you can expect to learn more about:

  • Danish Crown Group: Gain a detailed knowledge of our cooperative structure, different business units, functional areas, our complex value chain and be inspired by guest speakers from across our leadership group.
  • Understanding Yourself and Others: Be prepared to get to know yourself better – we cover a wide range of topics, starting with an in-depth understanding of your personality type and then developing into themes such as giving and receiving feedback, stakeholder management, trust and authenticity and managing expectations.
  • Project Management: Expertly led by our Group Project Management Office (PMO), across all 4 modules you will learn how we run projects in Danish Crown. We take you through the lifecycle of a project, covering themes such as building commitment, driving performance, delivering feedback, communication and execution.
  • Pre-Leadership: Learn about Danish Crown’s approach and mindset to leadership, captured in our 5 Leadership Principles. Our training will give you a solid understanding of the transition from a specialist or project manager role into a people manager – equipping you well for the road ahead. Leadership cannot be fully trained in advance, hence calling it Pre-Leadership, but you can be assured we will give you the understanding, the tools and the support to make a success of it. 

 In addition to training modules and on the job training, as a Graduate, you will be allocated a dedicated Mentor from day 1 – typically a senior leader. Your mentor will advise you, help you navigate within the business, support your development and challenge you to maximise your potential.

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Learn about their typical workday, why they chose the Danish Crown Graduate Programme and much more.

“The backbone to our success is being able to share experiences within the network and we can develop collectively and individually” – Hannah Griesshammer, former Graduate
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