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Didem gives us food and figures for thought
Zeynep Didem Culcu, called Didem, works as a Senior Strategic Procurement Specialist. Working in Group Procurement, Didem is all about numbers and meeting targets.

Didem was attracted by the opportunities in the food industry

- I was in the clothing industry before and looking for a change. I had interviewed with some of the food companies, and I thought food was interesting. I like the career opportunities and more professional approach in food companies. Danish Crown is very ambitious, but also always thinks about the employee first. It’s a nice place to work

Born in Turkey, and originally trained as an engineer, Didem’s focus at Danish Crown is to break down numbers and analyse the data to get the best deals.

- I analyse the information, get everything together, discuss with suppliers, optimise and finalise agreements.  

- Working with targets is very fulfilling to me. I think it’s satisfying when you reach your targets, sometimes you even exceed them. Of course, sometimes you can’t meet them, but it is very motivating and satisfying working this way. Especially when you work with numbers like me.

Danish Crown is very ambitious, but also always thinks about the employee first.
Mathias found his seat at the table in Switzerland
For Mathias Jepsen Schmidt the dream was always to work abroad, and he was given the opportunity to do so when he graduated as a trainee at Danish Crown.

Steep learning curve with support from colleagues

Mathias started his career at Danish Crown as a sales trainee in Denmark, where he gained extensive experience he could use in his further career. Today, Mathias works as a Sales Assistant at our sales office in Chiasso, Switzerland.

- From the beginning, my dream was to go abroad, so when my two-year trainee position was coming to an end, I went to my manager and told him I wanted my next step to be somewhere abroad - anywhere in the world, except for Germany which was a little too close to home, says Mathias.

Mathias was met with a steep learning curve, but also lots of support.

- It was a huge change. I had to learn a new language from scratch and a totally different culture. Luckily my colleagues helped me by speaking English in the beginning. The colleagues back home have also been very good at checking in on me and making sure I was ok.

Speed and quality are two things that don’t always go hand in hand, but in Mathias’ case they make up a motivating work duo.

- What motivates me is the speed of things. Quick transactions and processes. I’ve also grown up in the food industry, so I care deeply about quality. There’s a lot of responsibility involved too. Lots that can go wrong if you don’t pay attention.

From the beginning, my dream was to go abroad.
This is where I got my chance
Helle Halkjær explains why Danish Crown is a good place to work for her:

- All the good colleagues who listen, whether you have some tiring things on your mind, or you have a nice day where you can have a lot of fun - while working, of course. It is not at all a workplace where you just do your own thing and go home again. I could not do that at all.

- This was the chance I got to show that I was ok, that I was good enough. I was allowed to show who I was and was accepted.

Helle recently finished her apprenticeship as a butcher in Herning, Denmark, where she is still employed.