Danish agriculture and the widely recognized production of food in Denmark is built on craftmanship and a dedicated focus on food safety from farm to fork. 

In the current situation, the Covid-19 virus has our utmost attention. In order to prevent the virus from contaminating any of our products or any food in general, we have put even more focus on how we can avoid Covid-19 affecting the food safety.

We are dedicated to abiding by Chinese laws, regulations and standards regarding Covid-19 and Food Safety. In our production we comply with the “Guidelines for Food Enterprises” issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization to ensure that our pork products exported to China is not contaminated by Covid-19 and we guarantee the highest possible level of food safety

If workers at a Danish Crown plant are infected by the new coronavirus, or if we have any suspected cases among the workers, and not least if we discover any kind of risk of contamination of food exported to China, we will to take all necessary precautions to eliminate any food safety risks in order to protect consumer health.