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25-year-old Christoffer Koue Møller is living proof of that you do not have to move outside Danish Crown to speed up your career. He has gone from being a university intern to being one of the group's upcoming business graduates, which will start after the summer holidays.

He has a cand.oecon (master's degree in economics), and it was actually in the education that it started when he in the summer of 2021 chose to apply for an internship at Danish Crown to try himself and the theory in practice.

- I flew into a steep learning curve, because there were great opportunities for getting tasks with responsibility and at the same time learn to perform in a large organization. But even though you are considered an equal colleague, it was still okay to ask for help, just as it was always clear that there was room for me to learn. It developed me enormously, says Christoffer Koue Møller, who is today a student worker, until his position as a business graduate starts in August.

Not afraid to get stuck

On the back of the internship, Christoffer Koue Møller wrote the internship assignment with Danish Crown, and even before Christoffer Koue Møller had had his last day as an intern, there was an agreement on that the internship position should be changed to a position as a student worker, just as the opportunity was opened up for a collaboration around the thesis, which has just been handed in and passed.

- Søren Børsting Skjoldborg (immediate manager) was quick to offer collaboration on both the internship assignment and the thesis. You get the feeling that it was almost a matter of course that they prioritized their time for it. It gave me the opportunity to make some exciting assignments, where I got both the professionalism and Danish Crown even more under the skin, says Christoffer Koue Møller.

When Christoffer Koue Møller talks about his work with fellow students, the common denominator is that they think it's cool that he has been given so much responsibility in a student job. He had not even expected to find a student job, where there was the opportunity for so much responsibility.

- I have not seen any good reason to apply elsewhere, because I have never been "stuck". There has always been the opportunity to get other types of tasks when I started to get a little too comfortable in another type. Therefore, I was in no doubt about applying for the graduate position, as I am sure that I will have the opportunity to learn even more both professionally and personally, says Christoffer Koue Møller and says that his first rotation of three in the graduate program is in Danish Crown's subsidiary ESS-Food in Copenhagen.

Søren Børsting Skjoldborg, finance business partner, nordics, is pleased that Danish Crown can offer such great opportunities to young and potentially future employees such as Christoffer Koue Møller.

- It is fantastic that we can internally offer opportunities like the ones Christoffer has been given. It quickly becomes a win-win situation, where we get a really good colleague with the latest knowledge from the university, which several departments have benefited from, while someone like Christoffer has had the opportunity to get more professional experience and start his career on a good manner. Even though we at Finance are sad to have to say goodbye to him, we are happy on his behalf and proud that he will now be a graduate in the group, says Søren Børsting Skjoldborg.